仁義28 骨肉の掟

仁義28 骨肉の掟

仁義28 骨肉の掟

(6 a partir de 35 comercial)

1h 33m 2001 HD

Assistir 仁義28 骨肉の掟 Filmes em Português. The Kanto Ichienkai without Jin lost its cohesiveness and appeared to be a group of men. Sunagawa, who was concerned about the absence of a strong leader, recommends Jin to be the chairman of the Sumida River Union, a leading organization within the Ichienkai. At that time, a man in the sand group Shima comes over. Masaaki Sunagawa, a nephew of Sunagawa, a major executive in the black society of Shikoku. Masaaki offers to liven up Sunagawa at Shima in the Kanto region ?!

仁義28 骨肉の掟 (2001)
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